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Containers, accessories, fume purification

Our company has been designing and manufacturing refrigeration pressure vessels for more than 30 years. It has become one of the large-scale production bases of complete sets of refrigeration equipment in China. The refrigeration pressure vessels exported with the refrigerators have not only passed the strict export inspection, but also accepted the product inspection and approval of LRIs or aeio entrusted by the importing country. In 1985, our company obtained the ar2 (class I, II, III) pressure vessel manufacturing license (No. rzz-049) through the examination of the Ministry of labor in 1985, and passed the manufacturing license renewal examination organized by the Ministry of labor twice in 1989 and 1994. In 1986, our company passed the examination of mechanical department and obtained the design qualification of class I, II and III pressure vessels. The qualification certificate No. RSP / JD No. 3-061-02 was again passed the design qualification renewal examination organized by the mechanical department in 1999. Our company has various refrigeration pressure vessels (class I, II, III) design and manufacturing qualifications and capabilities. The company has a workshop area of 12200m2 for manufacturing pressure vessels. It has 228 sets of main manufacturing equipment, including CNC automatic flame cutting equipment, CNC drilling machine, Swedish ESAB automatic welding machine, Japanese Panasonic welding machine, inverter welding machine, large cutting and groove processing machinery and other advanced and sophisticated manufacturing equipment.
Containers, accessories products can be extended to all directions of the unit.
It includes the heat exchanger of ammonia refrigeration device: horizontal condenser, horizontal evaporator, spiral tube evaporator, horizontal economizer cooler and intercooler;
The separation equipment in ammonia refrigeration device: oil separator, ammonia liquid separator, air separator and oil collector;
The liquid storage equipment in ammonia refrigeration device: ammonia liquid reservoir, liquid discharge barrel, low pressure circulating liquid storage device;
Other equipment in ammonia refrigeration plant: thermosyphon liquid reservoir, thermosyphon and high-pressure liquid reservoir, emergency ammonia discharge device, buffer;
It also includes freon refrigeration device container and auxiliary equipment: Freon liquid storage device;
High efficiency lampblack purifier

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